I had a busy wedding off-season this year. I attended a couple great workshops, and photographed lots of kids! This last Saturday, I finally got back on the wedding scene by assisting Nic Dragomire with a kick ass wedding in Fallbrook! I thought I would share some of my favorite kid shots that I made this off-season.

I will start off with my nephew Ben Red. Here he is 16 months…

San Diego Children Photography001.JPG


San Diego Children Photography002.JPG

Next we have Miss Delaney, she is 2…

San Diego Children Photography003.JPG


San Diego Children Photography004.JPG

Ben Red at 18 months…

San Diego Children Photography005.JPG


San Diego Children Photography006.JPG

Next we have Garrison, he is 6 months…

San Diego Children Photography007.JPG


San Diego Children Photography008.JPG

Next up is Miss Kate, she is 3…

San Diego Children Photography009.JPG


San Diego Children Photography010.JPG

And finally, Ben Red at 20 months…

San Diego Children Photography011.JPG


San Diego Children Photography012.JPG
  • Kelly

    Kids are one of your specialties… great work Mike

  • Brooke

    I love how much you love my kids and how well you capture them!!!

  • Great work, greats pics really. Regards from Spain.

  • Karen (Lovett) Hodges

    I found your beautiful pictures, they are so beautiful I want to cry. Ben Red (and I love how he is called that) is so gorgeous. Your family must be so proud of him and you. I don’t know if you remember me, but we spent time together when you were small up in the mountains with your grandma. How I miss those days. Take care.